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Vertical crusher destemmer

- capacity: 80 – 100 t/h
 - bottom feeding
 - stainless steel construction
Technical specifications:
◾ full stainless steel construction
◾ product feed from the lower cylinder section, prearranged for screw coupling
◾ stalk ejection through special discharge upper door
◾ outer structure drum equipped with inspection doors
◾ total height holed inner dropping drum
◾ rotating inner drum with helicoid shaped continuous blades
◾ belt transmission with safety guard

◾ upper inspection doors
◾ hinged side doors with fastening hand wheels and safety switch
◾ overturning hinged stalk discharge hood

 inner drum automatic washing system, composed of:
◾ inner water distribution chamber
◾ water spray nozzles suitable to reach the whole inner drum surface

Upon request:
◾ must collecting pot
◾must pot support frame

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