Models 1520 - 1640



  • machine base
  • bowl unit
  • drive unit
  • valve unit
  • hydraulic system
  • pneumatic system
  • electrical equipment


  • cast iron machine base
  • high resistant stainless steel bowl
  • drive carried out by means of electric motor and “V” belt
  • stainless steel piping and valves for product input/output
  • stainless steel centripetal pump (with adjustable diaphragm in the separator version)
  • hydraulic system to move the centrifuge internal parts
  • pneumatic manoeuvring system for product input/output
  • electric equipment consisting of stainless steel electric control panel, IP54 protection.

Machine type:

  • vertical-axis centrifuge
  • high-speed bowl with separation disks
  • automatic discharge of sediments

Feeding system:

  • axial, with laminar flow
  • internal distributor with radial vanes
  • internal passages with shock-proof profile


  • high resistance stainless steel construction
  • stainless steel separation disks with upward flow channels
  • highly accurate electronic dynamic balancing
  • low pressure hydraulic system for bowl opening and closing operations

Sediment discharge:

  • short partial/long partial/total types
  • through radial slits of adequate size (suitable also for dry and fibre-containing sludge)
  • automatic and manual

       Product discharge:

  • via centripetal pump -
  • separator version with diaphragm adjustable heavy fluid discharge


  • directly by the electric motor via V-belts
  • the bowl operating speed is reached with the help of a frequency converter (inverter); this device makes possible to restrict the current absorption during acceleration to a minimum and also to optimise absorption.Lubrication:
  • suction pipe type: oil is sucked by the pump (located in the lower part of the vertical shaft) directly from the oil tank

      Vibration-proof system:

  • the bowl is mounted on a short vertical shaft; this results in to vibrations reduction to the minimum
  • central control unit consisting of a vertical shaft connected to the base by means of two different types of rubber elements: cylindrical shock-isolating mountings against axial vibrations and shock-isolating inserts against radial vibrations.Tight version:
  • by means of hydraulic sealing

      Self discharging type:

  • discharge depending on mud chamber filling level

      Valuable products:

  • The processed product can be shifted before the discharge


  • a machine stopping sensor is activated in case of abnormal vibration


  • assistance special keys
  • set of fuses
  • set of gaskets
  • instruction manual




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