Since 1946 serving wine producers all around the World

I.M.M.A. has been working since 1946 in manufacturing of machinery for handling and processing of grapes and relevant by-products.

All the time furthermore we are present in oenological and citrus fruit field with our centrifugal clarifiers and separators.

The Company's head office is located in Reggio Emilia where all our machinery is designed and manufactured and where you can see all our products.

Growth, development and total quality are the constant values that I.M.M.A. has been adhering to since more than fifty years of Company history.
All the time oenological operators teach us that the best way to produce a good wine is to softly handle grapes since the process beginning.

Our experience, together with the suggestions coming from oenologists and field technicians, enables us to manufacture machines and equipments safeguarding the product quality.

Today we can face all the possible requirements of our customers with the maximum professionalism and flexibility, trying to solve at the best any specific problem.

In particular, we are specialized in:

  • screw conveyors for grapes reception
  • destemmers – crushers – destemmer/crushers
  • pneumatic stem exhausters
  • stem crushers
  • vibrating seed/skin separators
  • vibrating conveyors
  • belt sorting tables
  • grapes selection/crushing lines
  • screw and belt conveyors
  • centrifugal separators and clarifiers