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Destemmer crusher


1. Destemming Unit

The unit is composed of an holed rotating cage and a counter-rotating beating shaft, each one independently driven by means of mechanical variable-speed drives The holed cage turns continuously, thus keeping always clean.

The cage holes are of decreasing diameter and their drawn edges are burr free for a better grape handling

The beating shaft is equipped with rubber shoes to avoid grape tearing.

The grape feeding is dosed by a screw positioned at the beginning of the beating shaft.

The slow variable speed guarantees a perfect soft destemming with whatever kind of grape.

Inspection doors
In order to increase inspection/cleaning operation safety, access doors are equipped with special switches, locking system in opened position and closure oil dumper.

Destemming/no destemming system
With an easy movement, an inside device allows to cut out the destemming function.

Moreover a proper door positioned at the beginning of the holed cage allows a partial destemming.

Cage washing device
A drilled piping has been provided for a quick and effective inside washing.

Eccentric mechanism
The machine is equipped with a device to adjust the axial position between cage and shaft, thus obtaining different clearances between rubber shoes and cage; this possibility is particularly helpful when processing mechanically harvested grapes, in order to assure the effective removal of leaves and shoots from the inner cage surface.

2. Crushing Unit


Rubber cones set with special manufacturing shape assembled on two shafts counter-rotating at different speeds.


  • crushing capacity equal/higher than that of cylinders of more than double outer diameter (progressive crushing without the possibility of product accumulation inside the feed hopper).
  • saw tooth shaped product passage (high efficiency with small cone size and low rotation speed).
  • adjustable clearance between cones (from 2 to 32 mm) to carry out the requested crushing avoiding skin and stalk tearing.
  • Crushing/no crushing system
  • Wheel mounted crushing unit slide allowing both the crushing function cut out and a comfortable cleaning operation; a reference switch enables the crusher operation only when in position.

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