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Hydraulic cranes

Hydraulic crane with grape sampling device
◾ stationary type on slewing column
◾ painted steel construction
◾ ground fixed base by means of embedded anchoring bolts
◾ hydraulically slewing upper column
◾ hydraulic boom extension
◾ stainless steel must transfer telescopic pipeline

 Operative specifications:
◾ upper column rotation:
 350° clockwise/counter-clockwise
◾ operating area:
 from 2,2 m (min) to 4 m (max)
◾ height below sampling device: 4 m max.

Technical specifications:
◾ hydraulic power pack
◾ oil tank capacity: 50 kg
◾ electric motor: 2,2 kW – 1400 rpm
◾ flexible hose fast connections
◾ control panel

Grape sampling/crushing device
◾ slewing connection to the crane
◾ AISI 304 stainless steel construction
◾ lower support with protection cap

Technical specification:
◾ electric motor:
 1,1 kW – 900 rpm – IP55 protection
◾ total length: 1.900 mm
◾ tube length 1.100 mm
◾ screw dia.: 110 mm
◾ must pipe fitting: 40 mm
◾ optional oversize tube length (1.400 mm)

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