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Belt Conveyor

  • Gentle product handling (Both whole/destemmed grape and grape skin)
  • Fully manufactured with AISI 304 stainless steel
  • White FDA approved PVC belt
  • 2 mm thick steel plate outer casing
  • 1,5 mm thick steel plate inner casing
  • Sanitary rubber coated stainless steel drive roll
  • Reinforced unload section
  • Stainless steel pipe legs
  • Inspection and washing side openings
  • Belt tension adjustment tie rods
  • Corrosion proof stainless steel ball bearings
  • Drain outlet enological fitting


  • STANDARD: feeding from small boxes
  • LOWERED: feeding from fermentation tanks
  • ENLARGED: feeding from big box overturning
  • DIRECTLY FLANGED to the feeding device



  • Cage shaped stainless steel transfer roll
  • Belt with battens 300-400-500 mm wide
  • Holed steel plate dropping section
  • ON REQUEST: hydraulic piston with manual pump for height adjustment



  • Gear motor direct drive
  • ON REQUEST: mechanical speed variator

Standard accessories

  • On wheels mounting for easy handling
  • IP55 protection ON/OFF switch


  • White FDA approved PVC
  • Side seal for life and hermetic guarantee

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