Models 307 - 215 - 430


Centrifugal clarifier-separator with self-cleaning bowl

Product feed:

  • low turbulence axial flow;
  • especially shaped impact
  • proof channels.


  • high strength stainless steel construction;
  • hydraulic opening/closing system;
  • high precision electronic dynamic balancing.

Separating surface:

  • wide area stainless steel disc stack.

Solid discharge:

  • at full speed, with pre-programmed desludging interval from 2 minutes to 2 hours;
  • through wide sub-radial slits, suitable also for dry and fibrous sludges;
  • with fully programmable electronic board for cycle control.

Gear drive:

  • high efficiency cylindrical worm wheel and spindle;
  • horizontal shaft with elastic joint and centrifugal clutch;
  • vertical shaft with elastic supports.

Clarified liquid outlet:

  • via high head centripetal pump;
  • with back-pressure valve to eliminate turbulence.



  • full stainless steel construction;
  • with valves, sight-glasses, sampling cock and gauges far operation control.

    Control panel:
  • protection IP 55;
  • including all the electric and electronic devices far machine control and accessory drive (feed pump, turbidimeter, etc.);
  • front panel with de-sludging timer, control instruments, push-buttons and warninglights far cycle visual check.

 Accessories (on request)

  • feeding pump
  • process turbidimeter
  • rotary brush strainer
  • service autoclave
  • sludge discharge pump
  • mobile trolley
  • platform (430 only)
  • isobaric version with total air insulation, indispensable far sparkling wines and strongly recommended for aromatic wines

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